Trendsetter: Chokers with Saree!

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When aesthetic blends in with the western aura, the visual appeal is simply astonishing! We are talking about the in trending blooms of matching up chokers and Saree!
Way to go… We got it just right, chokers are brightening the local fashion scene with traditional sari!
The touch of the ethnicity with a mix of chokers that match the patterns and the colors would give it glimmer without all the gold!
Less is more, Bollywood divas started it off and now it spread like wild fire….Saree lovers are not left of trendy 90’s fashion, it’s a truly classic inspiration! Chokers and Sarees are a perfect match!
Wrap it up and then choke it up with velvet to other colors, individual preference comes handy, trending it is not so hard when we’ve got all you need!
We believing in enriching the local culture with drops of the western trends, the results are outstanding and the combination is simply fabulous!

Check out how our beautiful customers have set a trend with chokers and sarees! Create your own Saree+Choker look and share with us!

Nethmi with a piece from our Gypsy Choker Set


Arunika with a Double Strand Choker


Sachini with a Triple Strand Choker