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Oh Lariat, you are now trending!

By on May 9, 2017

The creation is a complete showoff.  This is the perfect drop for the plunge in your necklines.   The dare devils decolletage is elevated by the simplicity of lariats. A lasso on a lass it’s a hit with the celebs like Taylor Swift and we dutifully follow.

Mademoiselle here is our collection just for you.


Chevron Lariat Necklace

Embracing minimization, the distinctive balance of class and simplicity lies in its delicate cable.


Delia Marble Lariat Necklace

Indulge in this versatile piece that is an assemblage of agates of wonder.


Gardenia Lariat Necklace

Flowery blossoms set on refreshing spring setting is the adorable feeling that is evoked which gives a bounce to your steps, celebrate the essence of being a woman.


Tear Drop Lariat Necklace

Enriching your sex appeal it’s a perfect drop that plays “peek a boo” in a buttoned down top. Layering on top, its pure delicacy and eye candy.

Geometric Y Layer Necklace


Daintily it cascades down with the contemporary theme of circles cleverly assembled to give that finesse.


Gold Coin Y Necklace

Unforgotten is the sleekness of gold, measuring uniqueness in a higher capacity this makes you take on the title “your highness” with ease.


Layered Triangle Drop Necklace

This is glossy stunner with a miniature triangle set amidst it. Composed to ensure longevity usage, it’s a twinkle delight.